10 Tips to Preventing Vacation Health Emergencies

We spend all year planning and looking forward to our summer vacations.  Don’t let your dream trip be ruined by a health emergency.  Here are a few tips that should keep your family happy, healthy and enjoying the fun and sun!

Summer Vacation

·  Sunburn can ruin a vacation!  Arm yourself with a high SPF waterproof sunscreen. Lather it on liberally well before hitting the pool or beach on sunny AND cloudy days!  And don’t forget the extra-sensitive parts like the ears, top of the feet and scalp!

·  Dehydration is a serious health concern.  Make sure to have water with you wherever you go and encourage the family to drink it, even if they’re not thirsty. When kids are busy and having fun they’ll often forget.  And remember, you CAN get dehydrated while swimming so take water breaks.

·  Make sure to bring an adequate supply of your prescription medications and don’t ever check them in your bags. You may also want to bring copies of the prescriptions in case you lose them.  On vacation without a normal routine, it could be easy to miss a medication dose, try loading the prescriptions into pillboxes labeled with the days of the week.  Then you’ll never wonder… did I or didn’t I, take my meds?

·  Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?  It’s always a good idea to have a copy of your prescription with you in case your glasses get lost or broken.

·  If you’ll be traveling by car make sure to check your tires before you go.  Cars don’t experience engine issues often these days but a flat or blown tire can be frightening and dangerous.

·  Motion sickness is no fun and can be brought on by bumpy, curvy roads or even just being confined to the back seat where it’s hard to see out the front window.  There are non-drowsy forms of medications available or try the bands that you wear on your wrist which are also very effective.

·  Bring along a small first aid kit for all your routine “owies”.  Make sure to include an antibacterial ointment, bandages and a tummy soother.

·  Traveling out of the country?  Make sure to check the immunization recommendations for the country you’re visiting.  For Mom and Dad that might include Tetanus.

·  Bring along your insurance card… just in case.  And if you’re traveling outside the U.S., you should call your insurer in advance to clarify any procedures that might need to be followed while obtaining medical care.

·  Bringing along a friend for your child? Or maybe your child is traveling with another family.  Make sure the supervising parents have a signed “Consent to Treat” document, that includes drug allergies and other pertinent medical conditions.

Newsletter June 2011

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