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LGCWC Offers Relief to TMJ Sufferers

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), located in front of your ears where your jawbone meets your skull, is a highly mobile joint and requires muscular coordination to move smoothly so you can talk, chew and yawn. Many people have pain, clicking or popping in their TMJ which can have a huge impact on their quality of […]

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Don’t Let Sleep Issues Keep You Up At Night!

How well are you sleeping? Your sleep is an important health indicator so it’s important to determine if a disruption in sleep patterns is an isolated incident or a symptom of something more serious. In today’s busy world, most people believe that feeling tired is just part of life and something they have to deal […]

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Get Cookin’ With Our Winter Recipe Contest

Our Sweet Treat Poll in September was so much fun (got to love those Chocolate Blonde Brownies) that we’re at it again! Are you a creative cook? Do people always ask for your recipes? Have you been looking for your moment of fame? Well here it is! This is your opportunity to have one of […]

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