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No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

You can add whatever you want to the recipe – nutella, dried fruit, mini chocolate chips, almond butter, wheat germ, etc. You can play with the portions and add a little more or a little less of any of the ingredients – whatever suits you and your child’s taste. This recipe made about 30 small […]

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Run, Bike, and Outdoor Fun!

Exercise Tips for Mom and Kids: The days are getting warm fast and it’s time to start enjoying summer and all of the activities it brings. For parents, this means bringing your baby or children along with you on those activities. Outdoor activities are a great way to expend pent up stress and create more […]

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Understanding the Graston Technique

Does time really heal all wounds? When it comes to soft tissue injuries, the answer is “No.” And in fact, even when wounds do heal, they usually don’t heal as strongly as the uninjured tissue surrounding them. This is why many people experience the same injury, ache or pain over and over again through the […]

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Golf Stretches for Your Next Vacation or at Home

Many of us getting ready to go on vacation are starting to pull our dusty golf clubs and (let’s face it) rusty golf swing out of the closet. Before you head out for your Holiday golf game make sure that your golf swing and game is up to par! (I couldn’t help myself). To really […]

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