7 Ways to Bring Home the Magic and Intensify the Intimacy

If you are ready for some activities that can enhance your mood and increase intimacy you don’t necessarily need to drop a fortune on lingerie or pay a lot for an expensive meal. Here are 7 ideas to bring out the romantic in both of you. Try one each day or use them for a weekly date night.

  1. Surprise your partner by bringing home one of their favorite edible delights. A dessert from a favorite restaurant, some decadent gelato, or even a favorite snack or fruit is romantic when shared by candlelight.
  2. In the age of texts and email, an old-fashioned card or love letter delivered via snail mail gets a lot of attention and can be saved wrapped in a satin ribbon (try doing that with a romantic text!) For a little more fun you can print out sexy love coupons and send them in the mail to work: www.romancestuck.com.
  3. Have an indoor picnic and play your partner’s favorite board game. A fire, a bottle of your favorite wine, soft music and a few candles will create a cozy and intimate evening.
  4. Romance during the day always makes for a better evening!  Check the newspaper for local wine walks and festivals to create a special day of togetherness!
  5. Plan an intimate lunch date and then call your partner afterward to tell them how much fun you had.
  6. Romance isn’t just for weekends! Plan a half-day off work and then escape to Santa Cruz, San Francisco or Half Moon Bay to take in the sights before enjoying a delicious meal and a romantic walk around town.
  7. Go to bed early but stay up late talking like a young dating couple. If work, family and life in general dominate your chats get some interesting conversations starters at http://www.futurescopes.com/romantic-ideas/536/40-fun-questions-ask-your-partner

Original post 10.04.10

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