Dr. Jessie Young, DC

Dr. Jessie Young provides chiropractic health care for the entire family; focusing on children, pregnant women, and young athletes. She has completed advanced training in Pediatric Chiropractic to help children and newborns as young as a few days old. She has served as Vice President of BABI for over 5 years and is close with the community of birth professionals in the area. She also has a special interest for helping those suffering from TMJ dysfunction. In her free time Dr. Young enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys. They like to hike our coastal redwoods and beaches, and cook vegan and gluten-free cuisines from around the world. Dr. Young also enjoys taking ballet and yoga classes. If you’d like to learn more, below are the stories on how she came to be the doctor she is today.

Headaches and Athletes:
Dr. Young has always had a passion for chiropractic. As a little girl she started seeing a chiropractor for headaches. As a child she valued the power of walking into the chiropractor with a headache and leaving without one. She was always nervous visiting other healthcare providers but would get excited about going to the chiropractor. She knew early on she wanted to help people feel that comfortable while helping them get healthy. Her passion for chiropractic grew even stronger in high school after sustaining a whiplash injury from a fall during cheerleading. Chiropractic was able to restore her range of motion and rehabilitate her neck allowing a quick return to her sport. These experiences shape how she treats young athletes today and why she enjoys working with acute pain and headaches.

Temporomandibular dysfunction:
Dr. Young’s personal experience with TMD spawned her passion for treating conditions of the TMJ with chiropractic techniques. In 2006, after surgery failed to take away the pain and clicking, she experienced amazing results with chiropractic care and specific exercises. Since then, she has developed and learned numerous ways to help other TMD sufferers. Her specialization with the jaw has given her invaluable tools to help her see potential issues in babies to help prevent a life time of problems.

Pregnancy and pediatrics:
When Dr. Young’s first son was born they were faced with several newborn issues she commonly treats. The main one was difficulties nursing that she discovered were related to him having tongue-tie. Since then she has spent countless hours researching and learning all she can about this issue and now lectures on the topic to help other providers identify tongue-tie early on to help families increase breastfeeding success rates.

A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Dr. Young has focused her continuing education on pediatric and women’s health. She is trained in a wide varitety of techniques to help people of all ages address many different health concerns. Many pregnant women seek out care with Dr. Young for the Webster technique but she can meet her patient’s needs with the most gentle touch using myofascial, kinesotaping, and craniosacral techniques or with more traditional approaches with adjustments, exercise, and graston techniques. She is also able to broaden her scope by offering a nutritional approach to many conditions like the common cold, allergies, pain management, sleep, and behavior disorders. Dr. Young is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatiric Assocation, American Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Pediatric Association and American Pregnancy Association.