Active Lifestyle Benefits On Health and Well Being

Being outside is beneficial for everyone and when the weather is so nice it’s an even better time for us to be active. For most of us life always seems to get in the way of getting outside and being active. We have work, school, kids and all the stress that comes with them. The list of excuses we give not to be active can go on forever.

While you may admit that you haven’t ventured into the great outdoors in awhile, have you stopped to consider everything you’re missing while being cooped up indoors?

  1. You already know exercise is great for your health. However that’s only one benefit of being active. Being active can help improve your outlook on life by helping you to see more of the positives that our lives have to offer. When our body is being active it naturally raises our serotonin levels and kicks our “feel good hormones” like endorphins into overdrive.
  2. Sun, wonderful sun. Sun helps get enough Vitamin D. The majority of Americans as well as our patients, have a significant vitamin D .
  3. Mood booster. Sunlight and exercise are great ways to boost your mood and just make you feel better.

These are just three of the benefits that being active and outdoor can give you. All of us at Los Gatos Chiropractic love to remind you of fun ways to improve your health and life.

Get out to Feel Good and help someone else!

If you are having trouble getting active, choose a local charity run as a motivator. You can earn money and support one of your favorite causes while also improving your life and health.

This month Kate Fox will be doing the Wave to Wine race to raise money and support individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. So make sure to cheer her on next time you see her!

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