Arm Yourself Against Cold & Flu Season

​​​​​Winter has arrived and brought with it that annoying cold and flu season!

At LGCWC we believe that a preventive approach is your first line of defense. But if a nasty bug gets you down we have some suggestions to get you back on your feet and feeling healthy again.

Want to prevent the cold or flu?

Drink plenty of water. Viruses like dry environments so liquids help.
Decrease your sugar consumption as it directly decreases the immune system.
Reduce your stress levels with meditation, massage or breathing exercises.
Limit alcohol which can inhibit white blood cell activity.
Exercise! Even a little exercise is better than no exercise.
Use key supplements that support the immune system like vitamins D and C and elderberry.

Cold or flu got you down?

Stay hydrated! Homemade chicken soup, Bueler’s vegetable broth or coconut water are great choices!
Get plenty of rest. It allows the body to repair and rebuild the immune system.
A warm salt water gargle will ease a sore throat
Hot water and lemon is a soothing drink for sore throats
Honey is great for coughs.
Use sinus rinses like the Neti pot to relieve nasal congestion.
Products with eucalyptus or peppermint oil can be helpful in unblocking your sinuses and chest.
Get a chiropractic adjustment to help soothe aches and pains.
Specific herbal medicines and supplements can help decrease symptom severity and duration. Based on your symptoms we
can help you choose those best for you.

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