Back to School Means New Routines! Tips for Success!

Transitions can be tough for kids, especially when they involve trading in endless summer pajama parties for the rigors of early-to-bed, early-to-rise Septembers. Here are some common sense tips to ease into that back-to-school routine.

School Bus

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  1. The week or two before school starts, gradually move the kids’ bedtimes back in 15-minute-increments.
  2. Likewise, if sleeping in until 10 has become the summertime norm, begin now to rally the troops earlier, moving up morning rise-and-shine by 15 minutes a day. Play gentle music to ease everyone out of bed. Or start some bacon sizzling and see if that doesn’t lure a few noses out into the kitchen.
  3. Set backpacks and any after-school clothes or musical instruments by the front door, ready for a speedy get-away in the morning.
  4. Stock up on quick-to-pack lunch items, like baby carrots and string cheese.
  5. Make a chart listing each child’s morning responsibilities and hang it in a prominent place. Brushed your teeth? Check. Packed your trumpet? Check. No need for Mom or Dad to be the family nag; the chart will do it for you.
  6. Breakfast is important. If getting an early morning meal into your kids is a battle, make sure to pack them extra snacks like bagels, hard-boiled eggs, or protein bars that they can nibble on their way to school or between early morning classes.

– By Lynn Bowen Walker
Los Gatos resident and author of Queen of the Castle
52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired, Domestically Challenged or Just Plain Tired Homemaker

originally published 9/1/2010

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