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Dancing With the Stars has brought a tremendous amount of attention to the art of social dance. It shows a glamorous, graceful and intimate exchange between a man and woman. But ballroom dancing is definitely not just for the stars, and it can be a great way to create a new intimacy in your relationship.

“In social dancing, men and women communicate through physical rather than verbal cues,” explains, Kim Delli Santi, Director of the APJCC Dance Academy in Los Gatos. “It can be a very intimate experience for a couple.”

While today’s women are strong and independent, in ballroom each sex has their own specific role. “The man is the leader, explains Delli Santi. “He is the frame and she is the picture. It’s his job to nurture her and show her at her best. Women tend to have a difficult time with their role — giving up their control and following willingly. I often make women close their eyes when they dance to help them be more dependent. And when they finally do, they feel cared for, beautiful and sexy.”

Taking weekly ballroom dance classes is a great way to bring an hour of romance and teamwork into your relationship. By working together and becoming successful, couples strengthen their partnership and enjoy the fruits of their labor. “A man who can dance is always admired,” Delli Santi says “and couples enjoy the attention they get at social events when they hit the dance floor and can really perform.”

But the intimacy of dancing can also be brought home into the bedroom. “Lighting some candles, opening a bottle of your favorite wine and putting on some romantic music can make your practice sessions an event in itself,” Delli Santi recommends. “Even if you can’t execute perfect steps, it’s the relationship that’s important.”

Looking for some romantic dance tunes? DelliSanti suggests this play list for your intimate evening:

  • Feeling Good – Michael Buble – Foxtrot
  • I Finally Found Someone – Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams- Nightclub two-step
  • Bleeding Love – Ross Copperman – West coast swing/rhumba
  • If I were a Painting – Gregory Clinton- waltz
  • Where Would You Be – Martina McBride – Nightclub two-step
  • Lost – Faith Hill- Nightclub two-step
  • Weekend in New England – Barry Manilow – Waltz
  • Unchained Melody – Nightclub two-step
  • Tango from Scent of a Woman – Tango
  • When You Say You Love Me – Josh Groban – Nightclub two-step

Interested in Ballroom Dance Classes? Check out APJCC Dance Academy for more information or email Kim at

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