Breast Pumps are Tax Deductible

As of last year, breast pumps are considered tax deductible medical expenses by the IRS. Not only that, but since they’ve been reclassified from feeding devices to medical devices they are also eligible expenses for Flexible Medical Spending Accounts.

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Because millions of mothers have to return to work soon after birth, breast pumps are vitally important for the health of infants with working mothers. Studies have shown that returning to work is a major factor in the length of time spent breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for a minimum of one year and the World Health Organization recommends at least two years and up. These guidelines have come about because of the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding for infants and for mothers. Breast fed infants have much lower rates of serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, dermatits and even sudden infant death syndrome.

We’ll leave you with the IRS link to the law and a quote from the congress men and women who pushed forward the new ruling: ‘Lactation Expenses as Medical Expenses’ info

“Today’s decision is a huge victory for nursing mothers everywhere. Modern medicine has documented numerous health benefits linked to breastfeeding, including a reduced risk of illness in infants and a reduced risk of cancer in mothers,” the lawmakers said in a statement. “And because breastfeeding is so effective in preventing disease, it also happens to save billions in health care costs.”

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