How to Know if Your Child is Meeting their Developmental Milestones

It’s is back to school time and the focus is on the kids. Do you know if your child is growing properly? Are they meeting their healthy milestones to make them healthy adults?

Here are a few tips to make sure your child is thriving. Make sure you are following up each year with your child’s annual physical exam. They weigh them, measure their height, and compare them to the averages across the board. These charts are not always an accurate measurement for your child’s growth since they only look at the physical aspect and don’t reflect developmental goals, both cognitive and motor skills but they will help in determining if your child is progressing at a healthy rate.

Here we have highlighted 6-years-old when kids start school and puberty to show what you can expect:

Six years old:

  • Can recite their alphabet.
  • Can tie their shoelaces.
  • Knows left from right.
  • Makes friends at school.
  • Tells you about what she is doing at school, and talks about what she is thinking.

Twelve years old:

  • A child’s body makes many changes between ages twelve and fourteen. Most girls will have small breasts, pubic hair and periods.
  • Between ages twelve and fourteen, most boys will have pubic hair. The skin on their penis and scrotum may change color.
  • They may also begin to sleep more and have growth spurts especially in boys age 12-15. However girls may not see as big a growth spurt.

Sixteen years old:

  • Dramatic negative changes in their feelings, behavior, friends, schoolwork and school should be monitored as these can be early signs of depression.
  • Children will need at least 8 hours of sleep each night to do their best at school, work or when driving.

Health Tips

  • Plenty of physical activity is important for your child’s good health. Start now to build a lifelong habit of regular exercise. If they want to play on a team, look for a program that promotes fun more than winning.
  • Make time in the morning for a healthy breakfast. This will help your child learn better and be happier at school.

If you ever feel that you are having trouble, or need some meal advice contact our office. We love questions.

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