Children Need Chiropractic, Too!

Parents often wonder if we see children in our practice and what the benefit of chiropractic can be for them. Yes, we do see children and in fact Dr. Young has specialized post-graduate training in pediatric chiropractic care. The benefits for children are much the same as for adults. Remember, kids play hard and get injuries just like adults.

We recommend that kids (and adults) get their joints checked two times a year just like you would do for a dental check up. Having regular chiropractic check-ups is helpful in detecting and preventing problems early on. We know that the time when our joints are most likely to develop problems or existing problems to worsen is during periods of rapid growth.

In addition to routine spinal assessment, chiropractic can play an important role in your child’s health care through many stages of development. Here is a break down of some commonly seen conditions that we can help manage in our office.

  • Toddlers 1-3 years:Low back pain, trouble walking, constipation or diarrhea, unusual stride pattern, an increase in clumsiness/tripping/falling, failure to start walking, trouble sleeping, ear infection
  • School-age 5-7 years old:Headaches, knee pain, growing pains, trouble adjusting at school, playground injuries, swimmers ear, bed wetting
  • Adolescents 11-15 years old:Headaches, scoliosis, growing pains, menstrual troubles for girls, sports injuries
  • Teenagers 15-18 years old: Growing pains more common in boys at this point, sports injuries, menstrual troubles and headaches. At this point their bodies start responding more like an adult so normal chiropractic rules apply
  • We also manage patients of all ages that suffer from the common cold/flu, allergies, asthma or digestive conditions. Most of the treatment here lies in nutritional advice, herbal remedies and lab testing.

Adjusting a child is different than the adjustments adults receive. There is much less pressure required and often the children are in different positions than adults when they receive their adjustments. For example babies are often nursing, sleeping, or in the parents lap during the exam and treatment. We endeavor to make the process fun and accommodating for their patience levels.

Dr. Young’s son is a chiropractic patient, too! From the beginning he had a difficult time finding a position that was comfortable enough to eat and sleep. This lead to the entire family being fussy and no one getting much sleep. After adjusting him, he was able to relax, nurse and sleep with less fuss. Although he was only a few days old and hadn’t napped much until that point, after an adjustment he took a several hour nap. Peace at last.

Our goal is to keep the foundations of the musculoskeletal system strong and balanced as children are rapidly growing. We give safe, natural alternatives to many childhood illnesses that can help reach the cause of the condition rather than creating a cascade of symptoms to be battled with.

Our practice blends the best of both chiropractic and holistic health care. Through adjustments, nutrition and natural medicine, we can help you and your child enjoy the benefits of good health and well-being. Make an appointment to experience the difference chiropractic can make in your child’s health.

updated from Sep 01, 2010 article

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