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Chiropractic Care For Infants: A Solution For Colic, Breastfeeding Difficulty & Ear Infections

When a baby is born it may seem like nothing in their world could go wrong, but nothing could be further from the truth. Birth is an extremely athletic event that can easily result in injuries to both mother and baby. Mom may have a C-section, tearing, incontinence or muscle soreness, injuries that are often associated with childbirth. However, we rarely discuss the birth-related injuries that the baby may suffer. Here are some common issues that can be addressed with chiropractic care.

C-Section Babies
In our practice the highest percentage of babies we see after birth are from C-section deliveries. This tends to surprise most people, because we imagine that this is actually a faster and more direct journey to the outside world. However, the baby is often pulled through a very small incision so that there is minimal healing and scarring for mom. However, the little one can be pulled out of mom’s belly at an odd angle causing injury. Of course vaginal births are not without problems, but they tend to have a smaller percentage of traumatic birth injuries. These injuries can range from not being able to turn their head resulting in trouble breastfeeding to a shoulder or arm that doesn’t move very well, colic and earaches making life more difficult for both mom and baby. The good news is that these issues can be successfully treated by chiropractic.

Breast FeedingBreastfeeding Issues
A common complaint we hear in our office is that babies only like to breastfeed on one side and don’t latch very well on the other side. This is most often due to a misalignment in the baby’s neck that your chiropractor will be able to correct. Many parents, especially new parents, are scared of getting their little one adjusted. However, when adjusting an infant, the chiropractor typically uses only their fingers resulting in very light and gentle pressure. In fact, some infants will even sleep through their adjustment indicating how gentle and non-invasive an adjustment can be. Treatments can take anywhere from two to six visits, but most infants respond very well in just one or two treatments.

Many babies (and parents!) struggle with colic which we can successfully treat both botanically as well as with adjustments. Many doctors will tell you that this is just something that you and your baby have to live with and ride out until it goes away. This is not our experience in our office as we find that adjusting the mid back and pelvis of an infant can be very effective in the treatment of colic. We also have found that specific probiotics and other amino acids and herbs can help soothe the digestive tract resulting in happier babies and parents!

Ear Infections
Ear infections are a common childhood malady and can begin in infancy. Many a child with frequent ear infections has had to have tubes surgically placed in their ears, when an invasive procedure like this could have been avoided by getting the child adjusted more regularly. Can adjustments really prevent ear infections? Yes, they can! The Eustachian tubes of a baby or child have a somewhat horizontal orientation. This means that fluids can’t easily drain. The fluid accumulates, develops bacteria and results in a painful ear infection. Chiropractic adjustment can help by stimulating tube drainage therefore removing the fluid and bacteria that can lead to an infection. As a child moves towards adolescence the Eustachian tubes move to a more vertical position stimulating drainage.

Other Issues
There are many other conditions infants are seen for such as constipation, failure to thrive, food allergies and not meeting developmental milestones. If you ever worry about your child’s growth, health or development, please call us for a free phone consultation. We can tell you if we are the right office or if you would be better served with another type of health care professional.

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