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Chiropractic for Children: An Integral Element of Your Child’s Healthcare

The carefree days of summer are winding to an end and as the rigors of the school–year begins, we often find that this is the time for annual health assessments. Parents often wonder if we see children in our practice and what the benefit of chiropractic can be for them. Yes, we do see children. We have patients in our practice as young as a few days old and we were recently featured on NBC News. (See video below.)

We recommend that kids get their spines checked two times a year just like you would do for a dental check up. Keeping the spine aligned through chiropractic care can be very helpful in preventing scoliosis and other childhood problems such as ear infections, growing pains and sleep issues.

In addition to routine spinal assessment, chiropractic can play an important role in your child’s health care through many stages of development. Here is a break down of some commonly seen conditions in our clinic.

  • Newborn 0-12 months: colic, trouble breast feeding, trouble sleeping, failure to thrive, constipation, reflux/stomach upset, ear infection
  • Toddlers 1-3 years: Low back pain, trouble walking, constipation, unusual stride pattern, clumsiness/tripping/falling a lot, failure to start walking, trouble sleeping, night terrors, ear infection
  • Start of school 5-7 years old: Knee pain, growing pains, trouble adjusting at school, playground injury, colds, swimmers ear, bed wetting
  • Adolescences 11-15 years old: Scoliosis, growing pains again, menstrual troubles for girls, sports injuries
  • High school 15-18 years old: Growing pains more common in boys at this point, sports injuries, menstrual troubles
  • College to adult: At this point there bodies start responding more like an adult so normal chiropractic rules apply

Other health concerns such as asymmetrical development can occur at any time during the childhood years whether it occurs at the start of a new development like crawling or walking or in athletics and can be successfully treated. We also treat patients of all ages that suffer from the common cold/flu, allergies, asthma or digestive conditions.

Our goal is to keep the foundations of the musculoskeletal system strong and balanced as children are rapidly growing. We give safe, natural alternatives to many childhood illnesses that can help reach the cause of the condition rather than creating a cascade of symptoms to be battled with.

Our practice blends the best of both chiropractic and holistic health care. Through adjustments, nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and other natural medicine, we can help you and child enjoy the benefits of good health and well-being. If you are ever unclear if our office can help you, we offer a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation. We pride ourselves on giving you the best in personalized healthcare.

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