Cough Cures

HoneyNext time your child has a cough, consider a home remedy: Honey!

A recent study shows that honey appears to be just as effective as dextromethorphan, the most common cough suppressant ingredient, and is better than no treatment or diphenhydramine.

These common cough medicine ingredients carry mild side effects such as drowsiness or excitability depending on your body chemistry. Serious side effects can even include severe allergic reactions, irregular heartbeat and hallucination. Compare that with the side effects of honey which include an increased tolerance to allergens, if you use local honey.

The only severe risk with honey is limited to infants under one year of age, as their intestines have not matured enough to handle the botulinum toxin, if your honey were to contain that contaminant. Over one year the benefits are large and the risks are none so consider honey for the next round of coughs.

Give two teaspoons before bed to reduce the coughs overnight. A mix of honey and lemon can do wonders for a sore throat as well. Remember that coughing during the day is the best way to get mucus out of the lungs and airway, so don’t suppress the cough all day.

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