Does your little one have a TMJ issue?

Dr. Young sees TMJ issues as early as newborns. When a baby’s jaw doesn’t move properly, they have a more difficult time latching and sucking properly. Left alone these issues can create discomfort for mother and difficulty eating and gaining weight for baby.

One of the first signs that there might be an issue with your baby’s TMJ is that their mouth doesn’t open symmetrically. Parents can notice their child’s chin shifts to one side or the other when they yawn or cry. Trauma to the joint during birth, muscle tension in the jaw, head, and neck can all create an imbalance in the TMJ joint. This can be very painful and can result in a child that cries a lot or seems uncomfortable while nursing. As your child gets older and is able to communicate verbally they might complain of jaw/face pain, headaches or earaches.

Dr. Young is able to offer a gentle solution to help restore the range of motion of the jaw and neck and relax the surrounding muscles. Her combination of gentle adjustments and myofascial release including craniosacral therapy provide much needed relief and help preserve the precious breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby.  Dr. Young specializes in disorders of the TMJ and pediatrics so if you’re concerned your child may have TMJ issues you’ve come to the perfect place.

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