Food Allergy Resource Center

Living with food allergies isn’t easy, but you are certainly not alone. It’s estimated that up to 5 million children in the US have a food allergy. While it certainly presents a challenge, by learning the facts and finding resources for tips and recipes, life can become much more manageable.

One of our favorite websites is If you are looking for information on food allergy basics, emotional and social issues, safe label reading, food preparation techniques or school planning, you can find what you need here.

Another great site is This site offers great information for the newly diagnosed, children’s books on allergies, book and magazine recommendations, legislation, products, dealing with school and parties as well as a great monthly newsletter.

If you like your “daily dose” of information, check out the Food Allergy Assistant blog Here you’ll find resources, recipes, FAQs and an Advocacy section as well as the blog. A parent who knows first hand the difficulties of raising a child with food allergies started the blog. She says,“As parents, we bear the ultimate responsibility for the safety of our food allergic child. We are using what we have learned to educate others about food allergy. We want to assist others who typically don’t have time to think about reading every label or planning every party, trip and meal to the smallest detail”.

Do you have a favorite website, book or blog that has helped you cope with food allergies and sensitivities? Let us know!


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