Healthy Snack and Lunchbox Alternatives

Healthy Kids Lunchbox

Are you having a hard time coming up with healthy snack and lunch box ideas? Here’s our list of allergy friendly choices sure to please even the most picky! Try these ideas in bento lunch boxes or divided containers to make it easier to take homemade snacks or lunches on the go.

    • Apple or pear sauce – you can mix in some nuts or granola (cereals) for extra texture and nutrition.


    • Cut fruits or vegetables – peas, broccoli, celery, peppers, and carrots are easy but try to balance fruit and vegetables. For every serving of fruit have your children eat two servings of vegetables. (add your favorite nut butter, yogurt or humus for dipping). Who doesn’t love Ants on a Log! You just may have to use sunflower seed butter instead.


    • Raw coconut shreds – you can give this to them plain or mix it in just about anything.


    • Rice or tapioca pudding –try it with a few tablespoons of black beans and coconut milk.


    • Rice crackers with guacamole or dairy free sour cream and turkey make a healthy Lunchable.


    • Trail Mix – this is an easy snack you can mix up yourself. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and veggies and carob chips. Don’t forget to watch for the additives and sulfites in pre-packaged ones.


    • Hard boiled eggs can make a convenient snack. Try quail eggs if you have difficulty with chicken eggs.


    • You can find goat and coconut yogurts and cheeses that are great snacks for those that can’t have dairy.


    • Seaweed- throw some in salads or snack on it by itself.


    • Vegetable chips like kale and beet are a snap to make.


  • Don’t forget about left-overs. Baked chicken legs can be served cold as a snack or use lettuce or tortillas for left-overs wraps with last nights meat, beans, quinoa, curry or just about anything inside.

originally posted 18 Sep 2013

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