8 Surprising Infertility Myths & Facts

Myth: Infertility is predominantly a woman’s problem.
Fact: Not so! 40% are due to female factors, 40% are due to male factors and 20% are both or unknown.

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Myth: It’s easy to get pregnant.
Fact: Infertility affects 7.3 million people of childbearing age, which is about 10 to 15% according tothe CDC.

Myth: Infertility is not problematic until your late 30s
Fact: By the age of 30, 7% of women are infertile, 11% by age 35, 33% by age 40 and 87% by age 45.

Myth: Methods like acupuncture don’t help with infertility.
Fact: Studies comparing women who have had acupuncture and women who haven’t indicate that it may indeed positively enhance fertility.

Myth: Diet is important for pregnancy and not conception.
Fact: Removing sugars from the diet can improve ovulation.

Myth: Women with less body fat get pregnant more easily.
Fact: For Women, body fat in the normal range (20 to 24% of body weight) ensures a reproductive system that works normally.  A BMI that it is too low or high can adversely affect the ability to conceive.

Myth: Marijuana has no impact on conception or healthy embryo development.
Fact: Smoking marijuana may lead to miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies according to recent research.  It also triggers inadequate chemical levels that prevent normal embryo development, transport into the uterus and implantation.

Myth: Robitussin cough medicine can help with conception.
Fact: Once used to improve cervical mucus, in a randomized placebo controlled study, there was no difference in either cervical mucus quality or pregnancy rate with the use of Robitussin.

For a complete article on Myths and Facts:  The Reproductive Science Center of New England (source)



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