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Is it Hypoglycemia? PMS? or Low Blood Sugar?

Feeling exhausted. Frustrated teenage girl holding head in hands while sitting at the desk with books laying on itFor a lot of young women, headaches or migraines start to become a problem in adolescence. Many of them are given various pain killers that are largely ineffective. The reason is because that medication doesn’t address the cause of the problem, it merely attempts to cover the symptom.

Do you or your daughter get headaches in the morning that get better after you eat? Headaches almost daily that don’t respond to medication? Cranky, irritable mood in the afternoon? Large mood swings throughout the day? Exhausted after trying physical exertion? A lot of this sounds like hypoglycemia, right? Or maybe PMS? Well, not quite. Testing their blood sugar levels will usually return a negative result. The lab tests say they are fine, so there is no medical solution for their problem. So many doctors rule that out and turn to traditional migraine medication and pain control. It isn’t hypoglycemia… yet.

The body does an amazing job at balancing blood sugar. It will break down your fat reserves to provide energy for your body and brain. If your body has to, it will even cannibalize your muscle tissue. All of this maintains a functioning blood sugar level, so when you test it everything looks normal, unless there is a serious underlying disease. But what if the problem is that you just aren’t eating enough or absorbing the right amount of nutrients? The tests look normal, but no one can solve your problems.

If your body is working hard to process and create blood sugar levels for your body, you can have many of these same symptoms of ‘hypoglycemia’ or ‘PMS’. One of the other common mimics of these conditions is a lack of vitamin B. Unfortunately, a significant dietary imbalance in a critical period of young adulthood may have lasting changes on how your body works.

If you or your daughter suffer from headaches or mood swings that have been unsuccessfully dealt with by other approaches, please make an appointment with us here at LGCWC.

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