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The Answers Behind a Lagging Libido

Libido is a huge issue for men and women who fear they are losing their sexual desire. In our society we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us what sex is and how often we should be having sex. So if we don’t fall in line on these issues we think we just don’t have the libido or there is something actually medically wrong with us.

Women tend to struggle with a loss of libido far more than men. Women, post pregnancy or during breast-feeding, tend to have a couple of factors decreasing sexual desire. First of all, they may have had a nerve or muscle damage during delivery, which lowers sensitivity to the genital area. Secondly, they may be breast-feeding which lowers a hormone called estradial. This hormone is responsible for keeping the urogenital tract lubricated and supple and a deficiency may actually make sex painful. Breast-feeding also raises prolactin levels which drops testosterone, the main hormone that give us the desire. Lastly, new moms are often suffering from sleep deprivation and, as with any activity requiring effort, you need energy to enjoy it. Later in life, as women approach the onset of menopause, the decrease in both testosterone and estradial can radically reduce their desire.

Both Men and women can have a drop in testosterone as they age which will cause a thinning of pubic hair and a decreased sensitivity to stimulation or a weakening of one’s climax. This can cause frustration in a relationship that can make the issue even more difficult to handle.

Both sexes can also experience a drop in sex drive if they are on medications such as anti-depressants, some birth control pills and blood-pressure lowering drugs. This can be solved by have an open conversation about sex with your doctor. Our office also offers healthy ways to help support your body while on necessary medications.

Lastly, remember that things like weight gain, stress and relationship issues can all influence how a person feels sexually, and may need to be addressed. We have to remember that we don’t need our reproduction to survive and when the body is struggling it will divert resources from this area and move it to more vital systems.

At our office, you’ll find that by accessing overall health and well being you can support a vital sex life as well. We focus on getting you healthier, restoring energy by finding out what is taxing your body, and testing your hormones to see if they are plaguing you with a lack of desire and a lack of well being.

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