Run, Bike, and Outdoor Fun!

Exercise Tips for Mom and Kids:

The days are getting warm fast and it’s time to start enjoying summer and all of the activities it brings. For parents, this means bringing your baby or children along with you on those activities. Outdoor activities are a great way to expend pent up stress and create more energy. They are one of the best ways to bond with your children and help keep everyone in the family healthy.

One of our goals at Los Gatos Chiropractic and Wellness Center is to keep you active and having fun with your family. We see a lot of patients who haven’t gotten back into their sport or hobby since having children. We understand that there are a lot of time pressures and reasons behind this, but please don’t let pain or discomfort be part of that. We can help!

Biking is an excellent low-impact sport that everyone can do. Kids as young as two can use pedal-less bikes, so the whole family can ride together. If you have infants or small children, consider using a ride-along trailer that hitches to the back of your bike. It’s much safer than the passenger style seat both in stability and injury during a crash. Make sure your child has a harness on inside their trailer and select a trailer with bicycle-style tires for extra stability and a smooth ride. Since a trailer can dramatically change the way your bike handles, make sure you practice with your trailer for a few rides before putting your precious cargo inside.

Everyone in the family should be using a helmet, of course, and make sure it fits properly. If the helmet rests too high it will expose part of the child’s head. If it’s too loose, it won’t stay in place during a crash.

Some common aches and pains that keep people from enjoying biking are knee pain, hand numbness and back pain. All of these issues typically respond quickly to chiropractic care and changes in your bike positioning.

Jogging is another activity that everyone can do, although you may have more success putting the kids on bikes and jogging alongside them. For babies, consider a jogging stroller. The locked wheel in the front allows you to push with minimal chance of the stroller getting out of control. The jogger should have large bicycle-style tires, a harness and a locking brake. Hand brakes and windscreens are nice to have if you do a lot of jogging. Remember to jog only on smooth surfaces, especially as you start.

Because of the extra weight and control issues required to jog with a stroller, a lot of people experience changes in their running gait and may develop pain, have us correct your gait quickly before it stops you from running. Another common issue with strollers is wrist or hand pain from controlling and pushing the stroller. This too is often a quick fix that if left untreated will slowly and progressively get worse. That’s your cue to come in and get back on the trails pain free!

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