Seating Disc Exercises

seatedDiscMost people need to workout. However when you ask them if they exercise you get a wide range of excuses. For example, I don’t have time, It hurts or I don’t know how to exercise properly. One great tool to help you exercise that we make available to our patients is the Seating Disc.

In our office you may have noticed a blue disc sitting next to the front desk. This is the Seating Disc, which we all love because it gives you a great work out while you’re working! Yes, you did hear me correctly, and just like the name says you just sit on it and get a great core work out.

If that isn’t awesome enough, you can also use it to do other great work outs and even use it to help you improve your balance.

We have put together a few cool things you can do with this awesome workout tool.

  1. We already told you about the first exercise, which is to just sit on the Seating Disc and feel your abs work!
  2. Stand on the Seating Disc for 60 seconds to build balance and stability.
  3. Sit on the Seating Disc to do crunches and other ab exercises.
  4. Stand on the Seating Disc while using dumbbells for arm strengthening.
  5. Stand on the Seating Disc while doing squats.

The Seating Disc comes deflated and all you have to do is remove the white tip and fill it with air air. You can control how stable or unstable the disc is by inflating it further to provide your desired level of instability.

An unstable surface for seating isn’t always for everyone. You should always build up your usage time gradually to see how your body tolerates it. If you experience any low back pain, consider not using it. Always consult one of our doctors before engaging in a new workout.

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