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We offer health care for the entire family, whether you are looking for a primary care doctor or someone to provide natural treatment options for a specific condition. Let us know if there is something about your health you want to explore. We will gladly help you find the answers you are looking for.

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Our doctors treat acute and chronic injuries and illnesses for the entire family. We also provide preventive care for all ages. We use conservative care to address many common conditions that affect your family. Our doctors can evaluate and treat the symptoms of many common conditions such as colds, flu, ear infections. We are trained as portal-of-entry providers which means you do not need a referral and we can evaluate you and ensure that you get the right care for your illness, including referrals to specialists and imaging if necessary.

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Blood Chemistry and Other Laboratory Testing
Botanical Medicine
Heavy Metal and Other Environmental Toxicity Testing
Hormone Testing
Neurotransmitter Testing
Parasite and Functional Digestive Testing and Comprehensive Stool Analysis

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