V-Day Dates High on Romance & Easy on the Budget

Unless this your first V-Day with your significant other, you’re probably yearning for a little more romance and originality than flowers and an intimate dinner out with a crowded restaurant full of unimaginative lovers! Here are a few ideas to add personality and originality into your romance!

Don’t wait until the evening for your date. Think about a romantic lunch at a fine restaurant. It will cost less than dinner, be less crowded and will give you the rest of the afternoon and evening for romancing!

Re-enact your first date or other memorable moment.

Stay at home for a theme night. Rent a movie filmed in a country you’ve always wanted to visit~ Italy for instance.Grab a bottle of Chianti and make an authentic pasta dish while listening to beautiful Italian music. After dinner, plan your dream trip with a pile of travel brochures and tour books. Then cuddle up for your romantic film.

Grab a sexy “how-to” book and start studying! A less lusty and more romantic how-to guide is “The Art of Kissing:Book of Questions & Answers by William Cane.

Start, instead of end, your date in the bedroom. When you’ve already made the physical connection, the emotional connection is heightened and you’re in less of hurry to get home.

P.S. Your man is less likely to fall asleep if he hasn’t had dinner yet!

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