Trouble Losing Weight? Watch For These Common Weight Loss Traps

Let’s face it.  It’s easy to want to lose weight.  But the real question is whether you’re willing and able to do what’s necessary to be successful.

Lets talk about the common traps that many people fall into with dieting.

  • Low calorie diets:  Many diets drastically reduce calorie intake. This is the kind of diet that can put your body into starvation mode.  Once the body goes into crisis and is starving, you will find that it holds on to every single calorie that it can and then turns these into fat storage.  These diets will cause people to lose a little bit of water weight, but gain it back in fat storage.
  • Fluid diets or prepared meals: These diets are less effective because they don’t teach you any of the skills necessary to properly feed and nourish your body.  Without this knowledge, you can quickly gain the weight back when you transition to regular food.
  • Fat Flush Cleanses:  Most of these are found online and have very little, if any, supporting factual information.  What we do know is that this is a good way to lose fluid and not fat.

What should you look for when choosing a diet? Look for one that suggests results of about 1 pound per week with consistent diet and exercise, and one that helps you make better food choices by showing you what good healthy portions are.

So let’s say you have tried everything and the pounds are not coming off.  Then what do you do?  Here are some very common culprits that can prevent you from losing weight.

  • An imbalance of your male to female hormones.
  • High stress levels can actually make you gain weight by spiking your level of cortisol, which is associated with the increase in abdominal fat.  When your cortisol level increases it creates unstable sugar levels leading to impulsive eating.
  • Low levels of Thyroid hormone can make it nearly impossible to lose weight.  Additionally, the resulting fatigue can make exercise very difficult.
  • Starting your day starving is counter productive.  Don’t forget to jump start your metabolism with a good healthy breakfast.

Lifestyle changes take a lot of work and commitment. If you are having trouble we would love to assist you in anyway we can.

Newsletter May 2011

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