Which Vitamins Do My Kids Really Need?

Adequate vitamins and minerals are essential for our children’s growing minds and bodies. Here are the supplements that we suggest you consider for your kids:

  • Fish oil: There is a lot of buzz about fish oil these days and how it helps the cardiovascular system. But it is has also been shown to benefit respiratory, immune, mental and visual health. It is also important for improving sleep patterns and reducing behavior problems.
  • Probiotics: These are the beneficial or “good bacteria” that are supposed to live in our digestive tract. They are important for proper digestion, prevent overgrowth of yeast and other pathogens and help the body use certain vitamins. However, when kids come in contact with foreign bacteria or yeast, the good bacteria in their digestive tract gets thrown off balance and they can have symptoms like constipation and diarrhea. Keeping a healthy gut helps boost their little immune systems as well.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is deficient in most American kids and adults. As we protect our skin with sunscreen and turn to indoor activities like video games and television, our children miss out on the sun’s rays that create vitamin D. This vitamin is a very powerful immune booster and is especially helpful when starting pre-school or day care. Vit D is the one vitamin that is recommended in addition to breast feeding and we have it in dropper form for infants.
  • Multi-Vitamins: Most parents don’t have the time to be the cooks they want to be much less know how to construct a perfectly well balanced meal. Giving your child an essential blend of vitamins and minerals helps take some of the stress off so you know they are getting what they need to develop strong and healthy minds and bodies.

The dosages are not provided above since this depends on the age and weight of your child. Please call our office if you need assistance with this. Also, we recommend getting the highest quality Fish Oil and Probiotics. Unfortunately many companies are guilty of producing contaminated fish oil and probiotics with a high level of useless filler. We are always happy to recommend reputable companies to you that are in line with your budget.

updated from Jan 05, 2011 article

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