Yoga for Fertility


The age-old practice of yoga is very much alive in our communities today.  From gentle yoga to Bikram yoga, there is a style for just about any issue, including fertility.

Restorative yoga classes are those most recommended to aid fertility and conception.  These classes aid the body, mind, and soul in learning the art of relaxation.  A woman’s desire to conceive can be overpowering, adding significant stress to her life and creating less than favorable conditions for conception. Yoga offers a healthy way to positively channel and relieve stress.

Many studios offer yoga classes designed specifically for enhancing fertility.  What makes fertility yoga different from other yoga practices is that it focuses specifically on reproductive health.  It places the emphasis on the benefits of integrating breath with movement and helps you gain balance, strength, and vitality to the reproductive and hormonal areas of your body.

When you practice yoga, you learn specific yoga postures that should be executed with the appropriate yoga breathing. The quality of your breathing is key because it allows you to tune into your body’s breathing rhythm in order to induce a deep sense of peace and relaxation. When you stretch and breathe, you also release tension by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol is high, it interferes with many metabolic and physiological functions within the body that interfere with your reproductive hormones.

Men are also subject to infertility problems like low sperm count, which is quite often related to high stress levels. When men suffer from continuous stress, cortisol is released into the blood stream causing low sperm count and low sperm motility leading to low fertility. Regular yoga practice helps release stress and can help regain sexual stamina.

If fertility issues challenge you and your partner, we can help you develop a complete plan to help you along the road to conception!

Newsletter July 2011

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